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1984, 2600, air, ambient music, animation, aphex twin, arcades, arovane, audio production, autechre, bjork, blade runner, boards of canada, bored female vocals, breakfast, brian eno, bridget riley, broken social scene, carl sagan, cat power, cereal, childhood, cocteau twins, coil, comedians, continuity, copulation, crate digging, daft punk, david lynch, digital photography, dj shadow, donuts, drum 'n bass, duck-billed platypus, electro, erik satie, esthero, farsi, ferry rides, film, gadgets, garlic, genetics, gift giving, graphic design, guitar, gummi cola, helios, hip-hop, hoodies, indian brunch buffet, interpol, jackets, jan saudek, japan, japanese office supplies, jean michel jarre, joy division, juxtaposition, kababism, kings of convenience, kraftwerk, learning to cook, legos, leonard cohen, lobsters, london, low, m83, majid majidi, making lists, massage, massive attack, meat beat manifesto, meditation, melody, middle eastern rhythms, miranda july, mix tapes, mojave 3, mono, multimedia installations, museums, negativland, neuroscience, non sequiturs, overusing "...", pan american, people watching, persian, philip glass, philosophy, piano, pinball, pink floyd, pistachios, portishead, psychology, r.e.m., radiohead, red wine, religion, richard devine, richard kern, robert smigel, robots, roy stuart, running, röyksopp, sade, sampling, satire, science, scientific method, seattle, shoes, shower brainstorms, sigur rós, simplicity, singing, skinny puppy, slow jamz, social networks, sonic youth, spicy food, spontaneity, squarepusher, stalkings, stanley kubrick, stencils, stereolab, super breakout, sushi, synthesizers, techno, technology, the flaming lips, the human body, the internet, the smiths, tool, traveling, turntablism, usability, user interface design, vancouver, video games, xylophone