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human after all

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Mar. 31st, 2007 | 02:56 pm
music: Alias & Tarsier - 9:24 Cigarette [Version 1]

  • I love this graphic, taken from a new NYT article on the subject of information overload...

    There's also a book coming out soon on how to handle all of this incoming data, entitled Bit Literacy...

    The table of contents hits the right notes for me...

    Chapter 1: Bits - (click to read)
    Chapter 2: Users
    Chapter 3: The Solution

    Chapter 4: Managing Incoming E-mail
    Chapter 5: Managing Todos
    Chapter 6: The Media Diet
    Chapter 7: Managing Photos
    Chapter 8: Creating Bits
    Chapter 9: File Formats
    Chapter 10: Naming Files
    Chapter 11: Storing Files
    Chapter 12: Other Essentials
    Chapter 13: The Future of Bit Literacy

    Appendix A: Message to Developers
    Appendix B: On Mac vs. Windows
    Afterword by Phil Terry
  • The Daft Punk links keep on coming, this time, their film Electroma has leaked. I'm a few minutes in and have confirmed that it totally rules. These guys are geniuses. Trailer...

    I don't know what kind of film stock they used, but it's awesome... makes it look like something out of the late 70s. The music is also top notch... not techno or house, but selections from other artists that fit the mood perfectly. I hope to see a proper soundtrack released.

    Their essential mix has also re-surfaced, and it is very much essential.

  • My buddy Martin has a blog that's been on fire recently with clever finds from the net. Check out his latest offering (particularly Kermit the Frog's rendition of "Hurt.")

  • I love what David Bryne has to say about mp3s and media fidelity. So very on the money.

  • Justin Timberlake is coming to town in September. Get them panties ready for throwing.

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from: runehog
date: Mar. 31st, 2007 11:54 pm (UTC)

Yay David Byrne!

You know, some time I would love to record one track (okay, maybe two, to make it worth the effort of pressing it) from start (music machines, mics, guitars, whatever) to finish (tape -> vinyl) on good analog gear. Seems like a kind of expensive endeavour, sadly, but I've got a sense it would be worth it -- I think there's a lot of high-frequency stuff we can't "hear" but that still has an effect.

(That daftpunk movie looks ill!)

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