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Re: Owner of Your Soul

An update on the Chop Suey email debacle...

--- Oberon Monteith <> wrote:

> To those in Chop Suey using reply to all, please
> find yourself confronted by
> The Curse Of The Wicked Soul.
> Cradling the powers of the Orunmila to Wizard Of
> Ingoni, I have unleashed an
> army of seventy-two spirits and demons. The Eiye
> Efewill gaze from above as
> the summons of the spirits appear before your eyes.
> My cosmic powers have
> grown with each reply and will reek havoc and spill
> the blood of the guilt.
> I have carved marks of evil into your conscience and
> your spiritual
> blindness will direct you to fall into the hands of
> justice. The curse will
> begin when I attach this written segment of your
> soul, in the name of the
> almighty God. You have only made me wiser,
> stronger, with your emails. They
> are merely electronic currency in which I used to
> buy your soul. If you
> would like it returned unharmed, you must make
> ammends to the deception you
> have brought amongst our group. If you do not, you
> will live for eternity in
> the firey pits of hell and in fear of Bytor, Light
> of Darkness, Centurion Of
> Evil, Devil's Prince.
> Oberon - Owner Of Your Soul
Tags: email, retarded

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